Following Lancaster NX611’s first paint strip in over 40 years during November 2016, and subsequent repainting during April 2017, the decision was taken to apply a more personal and detailed version of the bomb tally carried. This is located under the cockpit on the port side, alongside the newly hand painted Just Jane nose-art.


The new bomb tally represents the wartime operations completed by Christopher Panton, older brother to museum founders Fred and Harold. Christopher was a Flight Engineer in Halifax bombers with 433, 405 and 419 Squadrons in 6 Group. For more information on Christopher Panton and NX611's history please see HERE.


Hamburg 02/08/1943

Nuremburg 10/08/1943

Turin 12/08/1943

Turin 16/08/1943

Peenemünde 17/08/1943

Nuremburg 27/08/1943

Munich 30/08/1943

Boulogne 08/09/1943

Montluçon 15/09/1943

Frankfurt 04/10/1943

Hannover 08/10/1943

Kassel 22/10/1943

Düsseldorf 03/11/1943

Berlin 20/01/1944

Magdeburg 21/01/1944

Berlin 28/01/1944

Berlin 30/01/1944

Kiel Bay 02/02/1944 

Berlin 15/02/1944

Leipzig 19/02/1944

Schweinfurt 25/02/1944

Stuttgart 15/03/1944

Frankfurt 18/03/1944

Essen 26/03/1944

Nuremberg 30/03/1944 NOT applied (Declared Missing)

(Please note - NOT listed are a small number of aborted operations)


Yellow Bomb Night bombing operation.
Ice Cream Bombing operation over Italy.
Red Bomb  Berlin bombing operation.
Parachute Mine  “Gardening” (sea mine laying).
Yellow Key  21st operation.
White Swastika  Credit for shooting down/disabling German fighter aircraft.


In addition, under the rear turret can be found a Skull and Crossbones motif, replicating the example worn on Christopher’s Halifax III HX272 BM-N. Other amendments to NX611's paint scheme include the addition of a white square around the individual aircraft letter 'H' on the port side. Wartime photographs clearly show this applied to 630 Squadron Lancasters at East Kirkby. NX611's Squadron codes remain as LE-H and DX-F, but positioned and coloured in accordance to wartime instructions. 


At time of writing, the starboard side City of Sheffield and Bomber Command Crests still await application by artist Duncan Parker.