The Lincolnshire Aviation Heritage Centre recently hosted a sell out private photographic event, taking place at the end of regular museum opening hours on a Saturday evening. 


Organised by TimeLine Events, around 100 photographers were treated to unhindered views of Just Jane  during the late afternoon and evening; the event also featured the Lancaster performing a twilight taxy run and a tremendous evening static engine run - a rare sight that only happens on a very small number of occasions during the year. Credit must be given to Flight Engineer Keith Brenchley for managing the four Rolls Royce Merlin 24 engines in such a memorable way, taking the engine RPM's upto 1800 and providing an incredible sight and sound for the attending photographers.


Add to the event re-enactors in authentic Bomber Command kit and smoke machines and you can imagine the atmosphere created on this old wartime airfield.   


TimeLine Event's next event at L.A.H.C. is scheduled for Saturday 13th May 2017. For more details please see HERE

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