Held on a warm summers evening, the annual bike night at East Kirkby was a huge success with an outstanding figure of over 900 motorbikes visiting the museum - the riders and their passengers arrived from 7pm and were treated to a Lancaster taxy run by Just Jane at 8pm.


I won’t embarrass myself by trying to describe the motorbikes in depth; but needless to say amongst the multitude of Ducati, Harley Davisons, Kawasakis, Suzuki and Triumphs were some very appealing types that drew many people to them.


The Lancaster taxy run was crewed by Andrew Panton, Louise Bush and Keith Brenchley. With Andrew in the Pilots seat and Louise managing the Flight Engineers panel, surely this is the only ever brother and sister Lancaster crew?  


Returning to the engine run, with glorious light and still air, the four Rolls Royce Merlin 24 engines were fired up and they sounded simply wonderful, as only a Merlin engine can! Following a taxy run on the grass strip, Just Jane halted and shut down with her nose into the setting sun. Magical!