A somewhat shorter than normal report from the annual Lancaster night run and fireworks display. Unfortunately the weather conditions during the day and into the evening were quite testing at times, with heavy rain showers passing through and a gusty wind hitting 40mph at times – enough to rattle even the sturdiest of tripods and as a result I didn’t take too many pictures during the event.


Despite the weather, around 2500 visitors were treated to Just Jane performing two daytime taxy runs and one more at 7pm. This presented an opportunity to experience how the Lancaster appears, and indeed how the four Merlin engines sound, as the light fades – it really does make a difference and provides a unique experience that would be hard to find at any other location. As a result the 7pm taxy run attracted a lot of attention, with photographers lining the safety cordon with their tripods to take long exposure pictures; this is possible as the Lancaster holds at set points during the taxy run, allowing for a couple of exposures per hold. 


The evening also included two demonstrations of the museum’s WWII 60cm German low level searchlight and members of The Summer of '44 Living History Group were on-site providing extra atmosphere to the event in their Bomber Command kit. Once Just Jane had been safely hangared following her night run the fireworks commenced; the tremendous display is quite likely the biggest and best display in the county of Lincolnshire.


Just Jane will serve as a backdrop for the Christmas Carols Concert on 6 December, with her regular taxy runs resuming on 18 March 2014.