Wrapping up the 2011 main event season at L.A.H.C. was the Bonfire night fireworks display and Lancaster night run, which took place on Saturday 5th November. Thankfully the weather man got it wrong and the heavens didn’t open up to dampen proceedings, and the kind weather encouraged a huge amount of people to support the event.

With Lancaster taxy runs at noon, 3pm and 7pm visitors experienced the memorable sight and sound of four Merlin engines in daylight, twilight and in darkness ~ the sight of Just Jane appearing out of complete darkness to slowly taxy towards a crowd full of anticipation is really something you need to experience in person!

The day also included a demonstration of the museum’s WWII 60cm German low level searchlight and re-enactors providing talks on subjects such as ground crew, air crew kit and escape & evasion.

Also making a rare appearance outside was the Ford WOT 1 Crew bus; once a common sight on Bomber Command airfields during WWII, the museum’s example is the sole surviving example.

Before the museum became too busy a special photo shoot took place. This involved Just Jane parked with bomb trolley & tractor, AEC fuel bowser and the unique Ford WOT 1 crew bus. With re-enactors present, a scene was recreated that would have been all too familiar to members of Bomber Command air and ground crew in November 1944. The brief was to highlight the often overlooked, but essential, ‘erks’ (ground trades such as armourers, refuellers and fitters) so I opted for an ‘Ops On’ scenario as the best method to do so.

The re-enactors did a marvelous job, and I am extremely grateful for their patience and dedication to the living history cause. My gratitude must also be expressed to Fred, Andrew, Keith, Sean, Gary and Ric for their help and assistance throughout the day.